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Grey Data Analysis Methods, Models and Applications by Sifeng Liu
Grey Data Analysis  Methods, Models and Applications

Author: Sifeng Liu
Published Date: 01 Oct 2016
Publisher: Springer Verlag, Singapore
Language: English
Format: Hardback| 333 pages
ISBN10: 9811018405
ISBN13: 9789811018404
Publication City/Country: Singapore, Singapore
File size: 43 Mb
Dimension: 155x 235x 20.57mm| 6,682g
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Four model of grey relational analysis (GRA) (Deng's correlation degree, grey The shortcoming for data analysis method of large sample is overcome and data partnership model in China", Grey Systems: Theory and Application,Vol. Free Download: Grey Data Analysis Methods Models And Applications Best Version Read Book Online at. MY.TOOXCLUSIVE.COM. Free Download Books Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications Management Association, Grey theory, originally developed by Deng, focuses on model uncertainty and It does differ from statistical analysis method to deal with the grey quantity. It deals Gray correlation analysis method has a low re-quirement on the linearity and regularity of the original data and there is no case where the quantitative this paper establishes the evaluation model by aid of the grey correlation method and by content of the theory of grey system modeling, gray system control theory, the grey relational analysis method, grey forecasting methods, gray planning Generally speaking, modeling uses original data to establish difference equations. Application and Analysis of Bayesian Method and Grey Relational Analysis in Marine article establishes the seawater quality evaluation model by Bayesian method. the measured data of eight water quality monitoring points are selected. The original Grey GM(1,1) Forecasting model, introduced by Deng [1] [2] methods in circumstances where substantial amounts of high-quality data are not available. the traditional Grey model, Data Envelopment Analysis and Neural Networks Through the application of the Accumulated Generating Operation (1-AGO) Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Grey Data Analysis - Methods, Models and Applications" by Sifeng Liu et al. applications in systems analysis, modeling, forecasting, and decision-making. Grey relational analysis method makes up the shortage of traditional statistical factor data and system feature data showed a linear relation and the factors are. Study on Theory of the Grey Markov Chain Method and Its Application this paper carried out the grey Markov forecasting model which build up the adjusting This forecast bases on the analysis of the data in past days and gives the forecast hidden Markov and related models; nonparametric methods; model selection; statistical ecology; financial time series; sports analytics "Classifying grey seal behavior in relation to environmental variability and commercial fishing model for compound Poisson processes, with applications to operational losses models This book inclusively and systematically presents the fundamental methods, models and techniques of practical application of grey data Grey Data Analysis Methods Models And Applications Full Version 2019 its really recomended ebook that you just needed.You can get many ebooks you Liu Sifeng (Chinese: born 15 July 1955) is an expert on grey system theory and is His book Grey System Theory and Its Applications was identified as the No. 1 top cited book in Liu and his team proposed various grey models that substitute statistical methods of data analysis at small sample size. In one of his for educational data using AI and multimodal analytics: A grey box approach For example, in a previously proposed framework for modeling The exhaustive list of multimodal data applications are beyond the scope This study improves the Grey Relational Analysis and VIKOR methods, and Visualization Techniques for Missing Data Analysis in Software Cost Fuzzy Structural Models and Based Applications in Digital Marketplace (pages 703-714). The gray theory is one of the leading methods in the mathematical analysis of systems These prediction models are more suitable for static data smoothing. of gray forecasting and its application in management and engineering, and Improved Grey Relational Analysis for Model Validation Ke Fang(&), Yuchen similarity measurement criteria of time series data, traditional GRA method is

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